what we do

As a private investigator, it is important to us that all investigations and/or cases are handled with the upmost integrity, courtesy, professionalism and confidentiality. The following services are available:

All investigators that work for the company are former NYC Police investigators,  former NYS investigators and former federal agents, each with 20+ years of investigative experience.  I have over 33 years of investigative experience with the NYPD (check CV) and 9 years of experience as a private investigator.  All investigators are licensed by New York State and bonded.

Conduct investigations in the following areas:

  1. Any type of criminal investigation-defense
  2. Appeals cases-criminal and civil-especially homicide appeals
  3. Any type of civil case-plaintiff or defense
  4. Locate critical witnesses and take sworn statements
  5. Surveillance operations
  6. Sexual Harassment
  7. Insurance cases
  8. Missing persons
  9. Unsolved homicide cases-cold cases
  10. As a consultant
  11. Served numerous times as a consultant for the national and international media in areas of homicide investigations, serial murder cases  and police misconduct

Also can serve as an expert witness in state and federal court in the following areas:

  1. Police procedures and policies
  2. Administrative negligence
  3. Vehicle pursuits and emergency response policies and techniques
  4. Use of confidential informants
  5. Search and seizure issues
  6. Prisoner care, restraints and transport
  7. Insufficient or inadequate training
  8. Police integrity issues
  9. Investigation practices and procedures


Criminal investigations, Civil cases-plaintiff or defense, Appeals cases-both criminal and civil, Surveillance operations, Insurance cases, Missing persons cases, Unsolved homicide cases-cold cases, Expert police witness in state and federal court, and more Click here to see a detailed list ...