For over 33 years, served as a member of the New York City Police Department. Service includes the following:

• As a patrol officer

• As an undercover narcotics investigator. Also designated to train incoming narcotics investigators.

• Assigned as a bomb and explosives investigator. Integral role in the investigation of terrorist bombing incidents.

• Assigned as a homicide investigator in the Brooklyn North and Brooklyn South Homicide Units.

• Served the department as a patrol supervisor.

• Commander of a unit within the School Program to Educate and Control Drug Abuse. This was a pilot project where members of the police department educated students in the New York City Public School System on the detriments of narcotics use. This program was evaluated by John Jay College and as a result of their report, the program was instituted citywide.

• Assigned as an investigator and subsequently as a Detective Sergeant and Detective Lieutenant Commander in the Major Case Squad. In this unit, I investigated, directed, and supervised bank robbery investigations, truck hijackings, kidnappings, assaults on police officers, and confidential investigations for the Chief of Detectives and the Police Commissioner. I also trained members of the FBI on kidnapping investigative tactics.

• Served as a member of the Hostage Negotiation Team for 17 years.

• Served the department as a precinct detective squad commander and robbery squad commander.

• Commanded the Cold Case Homicide Squad, Special Projects Unit. I was designated to command this unit from it’s inception in 1996. In this unit I worked very closely with federal investigators and federal prosecutors to develop cases against violent gangs. I was also designated by the department during this time to develop an investigative plan to identify and eradicate violent gang activity. This plan was subsequently implemented and is still used today to combat gang violence.

• Testified on numerous occasions as a police witness in various areas of law enforcement, both in New York State courts and the Eastern and Southern District Federal courts of New York.





Criminal investigations, Civil cases-plaintiff or defense, Appeals cases-both criminal and civil, Surveillance operations, Insurance cases, Missing persons cases, Unsolved homicide cases-cold cases, Expert police witness in state and federal court, and more Click here to see a detailed list ...